[Triple Bottom Line]

Pirarucu and Salmon skin products are made with sustainable practices anchored in the triple bottom line: economic, social and environmental.
The Pirarucu skin that Osklen uses comes from the state of Rondonia in the Amazon. Since it is a protected species Osklen exclusively uses skins from sustainable farms which comply with IBAMA standards, the Brazilian government agency that inspects the environment. By sustainably farming Pirarucu through strictly regulated government control, it protects the species from becoming endangered. This in turn helps to stabilize the food supply and the local economy of the region.
The size of the farms ranges from 2.5 to 5 acres. When compared to cattle farming, this generates lower CO2 emissions and reduces deforestation of the Amazon.
The farmers achieve 40% higher productivity than raising cattle in the same plot of land. Raising Pirarucu is an important source of supplementary income for these farmers, who in turn do their part to protect the Amazon forests.
There is no form of child or slave labor involved throughout the entire process. No genetic modification takes place, and no hormones are used.