Osklen represents man and woman's modern lifestyle, in a world where urban and nature, global and local, the organic and technologic ecosystems coexist. The brand is recognized in Brazil and abroad by its innovative design and differentiated raw materials, always in the avant-garde of international fashion.

It is the integrated perception of nature, culture, and society, associated with refined aesthetics, that makes Osklen be considered by WGSN as one of the ten most influential and inspiring brands in the world, and indicated with TESLA as "Future Maker" by WWF-UK. An authentic and genuine Brazilian lifestyle, is also, contemporary and cosmopolitan.

As an environmentalist Oskar Metsavaht idealized and founded E-Institute and has sponsored the A21 Project, for many years. His commitment towards sustainability led him to be nominated UNESCO´s Goodwill Ambassador for the Culture of Peace nd Sustainability.